Rebman to Transition to Senior Consultant after 40-Year-Career

Wheaton, Ill., July 26, 2016 – Scott Rebman is transitioning to a senior consultant for RJN Group after a successful 40-year-career, with 26 years spent with RJN. Scott has been serving as a vice president with RJN Group where he specializes in asset management solutions.

Rebman earned a bachelor of arts in elementary education and speech in 1976 and a master of arts in reading in 1978 from National College of Education, Evanston, Illinois.

From 1976 to 1989, Scott taught English, reading, and speech in grades 6 – 12 and adult education. With the advent of personal computers, Apple, and IBM, Scott developed a passion for using technology as an instructional tool. “Educational software development was just beginning. I was fascinated by the possibilities so I got immersed, learned some tools, and wrote my own applications to increase vocabulary and comprehension.”

In 1989, Scott responded to an ad by RJN looking for a tester, technical writer, and trainer for a new line of software being developed for the municipal marketplace. Scott’s background as a teacher and passion for using computers as a tool were the foundation for success. Hunkered in a basement full of young computer professionals fueled with possibilities, Team RJN created the commercial off-the-shelf CMMS software solution called CASS WORKS.

As computers were adopted in cities and municipalities, CASS WORKS grew throughout North America. From 1989 to 2009, CASS WORKS was installed in more than 175 municipalities and agencies. “Maintenance technicians were new to computers. We relied heavily on Scott’s background as a teacher. He invited technicians to try a new tool, provided instructions that were clear, and supported people as individuals until they mastered the skill,” said Bill Kienzle, project manager at RJN.

Rebman understood that successful software implementations were all about change – organizational, workgroup, and individual. Team RJN pioneered the use of software project success factors: steering committees (stakeholders across shirt collar colors and pay grades), phased implementation, key champions, and production support. Scott was a regular presenter at conferences (national, regional, and local) where he presented case studies, key benefits, and lessons learned from CMMS software implementations.

Beginning in 2004, the buzz of Asset Management was gaining momentum. Scott’s team strategically mapped out client-centered enhancements to RJN’s core services. “We examined the core questions that drive asset management and kept trying to make sense of it. Suddenly Jeff Frauenfelder, project manager, says asset management bridges the language between engineering and finance. That was the aha moment, and the RJN circle of services was born.”

Over the past 10 years, Scott has overseen asset management software implementations. “We use third-party software solutions that help our clients with balancing data and needs: inspections, condition assessments, GIS, work management, and capital investment scenarios. We really speak a common language used by engineering and finance.”

Rebman has been an integral part of the RJN staff for 26 years, and we are excited to keep him on our team as a senior consultant. “Over the course of his career, Scott and I have seen the value of providing engineering and informational technology solutions. Scott leads by example and brings an abundance of knowledge, passion, dedication, and energy that excites our clients. He is my partner,” said Al Hollenbeck, President of RJN Group.