RJN Demonstrates IBAK Panoramo Capabilities

Tulsa, Okla., March 21, 2017 - On Monday, March 13, 2017, RJN Client Manager Clay Thompson, Field Manager Roy Bass, and Project Coordinator Nathan Horn arranged and conducted an IBAK Panoramo camera demonstration for the City of Oklahoma City.


As we discussed last year in a blog feature, IBAK Panoramo is a 3D optoscanner used for manhole inspections. It is located within the inspection van and is lowered into the manhole to capture 360-degree images of manhole conditions, as shown below.

The camera allows for multiple views, including 360 degrees, unfolded, and geometric. While the IBAK Panoramo scans the manhole, it sends the information and images it captures directly to a viewer located in or near the inspection van, as shown below.


To see a video of the IBAK Panoramo in action from RJN’s demonstration in OKC last week, click below.


RJN is skilled with this cutting-edge equipment and is very excited to offer the IBAK Panoramo to its clients, which will ensure higher quality and cost savings.