RJN Selected to Continue Stormwater Mapping for the City of San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas, July 28, 2017 - RJN Group, Inc. (RJN) is pleased to announce a new three-year contract with the City of San Antonio (CoSA) to continue with the mapping, inspection, and condition assessment of the City’s stormwater system led by RJN’s Stormwater Lead, Noelle Gaspard, P.E., GISP, CFM. Last autumn, the Transportation & Capital Improvements Department (TCI) at the City of San Antonio sought a partner to continue its stormwater system televising, mapping, and condition assessment.

With portions of the CoSA’s stormwater collection system approaching 100 years old, a comprehensive understanding of the condition and location of the existing system was needed. In addition to the mapping and condition assessment phase of the project, the City of San Antonio desired to develop a City-Wide Stormwater CCTV and Condition Assessment Master Plan for its stormwater system. The overall goal of the CCTV and Condition Assessment Master Plan is to recommend a strategy to implement a comprehensive and proactive CCTV inspection and condition assessment program for the City-wide stormwater system. This resulting Master Plan will be used to scope out and direct the inspection and condition assessments of the stormwater infrastructure by the City in the future and to help prioritize stormwater infrastructure improvements for the City, which will ultimately improve public safety and system efficiency.

The Master Plan will be used to prioritize CCTV inspections and condition assessments based on the consequence of failure (COF) while also taking into account the likelihood of failure (LOF) of each asset. A broad range of criteria will be considered in the identification of high-risk assets. This will be accomplished by utilizing existing attribute data in the City’s stormwater GIS, as well as various other GIS layers provided to RJN Group, Inc. by the City. The total business risk as a product of COF and LOF will be identified as a mechanism for prioritization of each asset utilizing matrix analysis methods.

This project requires an inventory of City-maintained underground stormwater drainage and related surface infrastructure, including cleaning as needed, CCTV inspection, condition assessment, population of structure attributes, and mapping as well as master planning. RJN was selected to continue this major undertaking after a successful multi-year project from 2015-2017, which featured use of cutting-edge technology to complete the survey, inspection, and condition assessment of the system. Results of the pilot study included a 145% increase in found assets for pipe mains. To learn more about the initial phases of this project, see RJN's latest blog feature.

About CoSA TCI

The Transportation & Capital Improvements (TCI) Department was created in January 2014. TCI consolidates the functions of the former Departments of Public Works and Capital Improvements Management Services. Transportation & Capital Improvements reviews stormwater development plans to ensure future construction projects do not adversely impact current drainage systems.