The City of St. Peters, Missouri, Embarks on a Comprehensive Flow Monitoring Program

St. Louis, Mo., December 12, 2017 - RJN Group, Inc. (RJN) has been selected by the City of St. Peters, Missouri, for its Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring program.

RJN will implement a comprehensive flow monitoring program to measure and evaluate the City’s future sewage conveyance and pumping needs, and identify where inflow/infiltration (I/I) may be contributing to system operations. The flow monitoring program will also provide critical information needed to support the City with prioritizing future pipeline and manhole rehabilitation needs. RJN services include installing and maintaining flow meters and rain gauges, conducting robust I/I analysis, and providing solutions to improve the system and address I/I.

About the City of St. Peters, Missouri
The City of St. Peters, located northwest of St. Louis, is nationally recognized as a great place to live. This business-friendly community has a long history of actively stewarding infrastructure and ensuring quality services for its growing population of 56,000. The City owns and maintains approximately 263 miles of sanitary sewers ranging from 8 to 42 inches in diameter.