Rogers Water Utilities Contracts RJN Group for SSES Project

Wheaton, IL (March 5, 2014) – In an effort to have current, quality and accurate data regarding the condition of their sanitary sewer collectionsystem, Rogers Water Utilities (RWU) recently awarded RJN Group, Inc. (RJN) with a contract to complete a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) project.  RWU operates and maintains the public water and sewer systems in Rogers, Arkansas.


The SSES will assist RWU in determining priority areas within their sewer collection system to focus their capital improvement projects.RJN will perform the following SSES services:

  • System-wide flow and rainfall monitoring
  • Identification and delineation of sub-basins
  • Detailed report identifying the priority sub-basins
  • Comprehensive field study of select areas Manhole inspection
  • Smoke testing
  • Dyed water flooding
  • TV inspection Final report for each sub-basin studied

Other services that RJN will provide are updating and rectifying sewer maps and the GIS database of the sewer collection system. The final report that RJN submits to RWU will be comprised of field data sheets and an I/I summary with recommendations for improvements.