This video shows an example of interstitial flow.  Interstitial flow is flow that occurs between the liner and the host pipe. 

This video shows a dead lateral.  Dead laterals are laterals that are abandoned or never used.  Dead laterals should never be reinstated.

Experience the construction of the West Park Wet-Weather Storage Facility, a 5.5 million gallon underground concrete storage tank, built under a community baseball field in Wilmette, Illinois.  While the highly used park site offered the best location in this fully developed, primarily residential community, it required "buy-in" from the Wilmette Park District.  The Park District Board agreed to allow construction at this actively used site with two caveats: 1) only one season of use would be lost, and 2) the existing baseball field would be replaced with an artificial turf field promoting use for multiple sports.  The RJN/Boller Construction design-build program offered the best solution to meet the tight construction timeframes.  The contract was signed in September 2014 and construction will be completed in November 2015 ahead of schedule and under budget.

In this pipe inspection video you can see infiltration coming from separated pipe joints.  This appears to be happening on the first joint outside of the manhole on the pipe coming in from the North.  The PACP coding that is assigned to this defect is JS (Joint Separated) and IG (Infiltration Gusher).

In this pipe inspection video you can see a plugged pipe with a steady stream of infiltration. The plugged portion is located further back in the pipe, and what we see is mud that has been carried in by the infiltration coming from the plug.  The PACP coding that is assigned for this defect is TFB (Tap Factory Abandoned) and IR (Infiltration Runner).

RJN Group, Inc. performs smoke testing for the Metropolitan Sewer District in St. Louis, MO. This video briefly explains smoke testing, and what happens when it is being performed.

View the I&I that is found when RJN conducts Dyed Water Flooding.

View a manhole "dancing" just outside the St. Louis Zoo during a heavy June downpour.