When the need arises for a project to be completed on an expedited schedule and still include cost-control and safety components, RJN can implement an alternative delivery method such as design-build (DB).


RJN's design-build capabilities are award-winning:

  • In 2016, RJN’s design-build project West Park Wet-Weather Storage Facility earned national recognition by winning a Project of the Year award from the APWA

The DB project delivery methods have the potential to:

  • Reduce owner risk
  • Provide early project cost certainty
  • Shorten project schedules
  • Limit project participation to qualified specialty contractors
  • Provide a single point of contact
  • Increase cooperation between owner, engineer, and contractor
  • Foster conditions for design and construction innovation

To learn more about the advantages of design-build over traditional methods, click on the link at the left or here.

RJN provides alternative project delivery services like design-build for the following projects:

  • Lift Stations and Force Mains
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Wet-Weather Storage Facilities
  • Sewer Rehabilitation and Relief Sewers, Trenchless and Open-Cut