Decision Tree Tool in InfoMaster Helps with Remediation

Project Name
Floyd Branch and Duck Creek Assessment and Asset Management
City of Richardson, Texas
Richardson, Texas
Service Period
2016 - Ongoing

As a result of the CMOM Self-Audit Analysis, the City of Richardson has initiated a project to perform an evaluation of the Floyd Branch and Duck Creek Drainage Basins as a continuation of the Floyd Branch 2016 assessment that RJN completed. During the 2016 assessment, RJN completed a condition assessment and hydraulic modeling program conducted as a self-audit of the City’s CMOM program. Services included CCTV and multi-sensor inspection with PACP coding (230,000 LF), GPS manhole survey to collect survey-grade coordinates for mapping and hydraulic modeling (250 structures), flow monitoring (8 meters/2 rain gauges), InfoWorks model construction and calibration, and defect analysis using a risk-based condition analytics "decision tree" tool to develop remediation measures. The scope of the next phase includes assessing the condition of sewer gravity lines, using asset management software to analyze and prioritize repairs and replacements, and incorporating MACP manhole inspection data into asset management software.

Project Metrics

  • Multi-sensor PACP coding (5500,000 LF)
  • Mapping and hydraulic modeling (250 structures)
  • Flow monitoring (31 meters/28 rain gauges)
  • 537 manholes
  • 550,000 LF of CCTV review
  • 450,000 LF cleaning and televising


  • Condition assessments
  • InfoWorks model construction and calibration
  • Innovyze InfoMaster implementation and project build
  • Analysis and prioritization of repairs via asset management software
  • Remedial measures planning, including decision tree