InfoMaster Usage Drives Success of Remediation Measures

Project Name
Multi-year Sewer Condition and Risk Assessment
City of Fort Smith, Arkansas
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Service Period
2014 - Ongoing

Since 2002, RJN has supported multiple phases of the City’s ongoing sewer improvement program including the current SSA program providing regulatory assistance, capacity analyses, I/I mitigation and remediation, condition assessments, sewer design, and construction management services. InfoMaster is being used to conduct risk analysis using a “decision tree” analysis tool utilizing NASSCO PACP/MACP codes and customized City requirements decision points. This logical linear process assesses consequences, likelihood, and risk of pipe and manhole failure to drive remediation recommendations.

Project Metrics

  • Flow monitoring (64 meters/14rain gauges)
  • Manhole inspections (2,458)
  • Smoke testing (572,984 LF)li>
  • Dye testing (158 setups)
  • CCTV review (513,545 LF)
  • Night flow isolations (30)

Software/Data Delivery

  • ArcGIS
  • InfoMaster
  • NASSCO Inspection Coding
  • IBAK Panoramo Cameras