Stormwater Mapping Program
Employs New Technologies

Project Name
Stormwater Mapping, Televising, and Assessment
City of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
Service Period
2015 - Ongoing
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RJN conducted a comprehensive mapping and condition inspection program to provide the City of San Antonio with accurate stormwater maps and documented asset conditions for a pilot area. The program is providing the data to identify and prioritize maintenance of the storm water system. Using a variety of cutting-edge technologies, GPS surveys and condition inspections are being performed and data is being analyzed to assess the consequence and risk of failure using captured condition data.

Project Metrics

  • 15-20 linear miles of pilot area
  • Stormwater infrastructure is nearly 80 years old
  • Various technologies are being used, including Mobile LiDAR scanning to locate assets, collect attributes, and create digital terrain; 360-degree manhole inspections with a panoramic scanner system; and InfoMaster Sewer for quality checks, allowing assessment data to be translated into spatially referenced GIS points


  • GPS survey and mapping
  • Manhole inspections
  • CCTV review
  • Asset management
  • Recommendations for drainage system maintenance prioritization