Ongoing Partnership Identifies
Removable I/I Sources

Project Name
Flow Monitoring – NW, SE, and NEC
Lake County Illinois
Lake County, Illinois
Service Period
2012-2016 (Ongoing/Multiple Contracts)
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Lake County Illinois wanted to figure out how and to what degree excess clear water was entering its wastewater collection system during rain events. To determine sanitary flows, the County enlisted RJN to conduct long-term flow monitoring in its Southeast Facility Planning Area (FPA) and Northwest FPA. The flow monitoring program involved selecting meter sites, installing and maintaining metering equipment, collecting data, and conducting engineering analysis to assess and prioritize areas based on inflow/infiltration levels. Flow monitoring is conducted every year, and the results are being used to develop expanded study programs to identify removable I/I sources. 

Project Metrics

  • 32 flow meter locations
  • 5 lift station meter locations
  • 8 rain gauge locations


  • Meter installation, calibration, and maintenance
  • Data collection and verification
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Recommendations