Multi-year Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation to Mitigate I/I

Project Name
Multi-year Sanitary Sewer Assessment (SSA)
City of Fort Smith
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Service Period
2002 - Ongoing

Since 2002, RJN has supported multiple phases of the City’s ongoing sewer improvement program providing regulatory assistance, capacity analyses, I/I mitigation and remediation, condition assessments, sewer design, and construction management services. Currently, RJN is providing Sanitary Sewer Assessment services in compliance with a Consent Decree. This multi-year program is focused on conducting comprehensive condition assessments to remediate condition and capacity issues. The remedial action plans incorporate analysis for consequence and risk of failure analyses.

Project Metrics

  • 2,200,000 LF sewer
  • 5 major lift stations
  • 68 separate basins
  • 90 flow meters/15 rain gauges
  • 882+ manhole inspections
  • 411,000 LF of smoke testing
  • 250,000 LF of CCTV review
  • 46,000 LF of sewer design, rehabilitation-lining, point repairs, replacement
  • 882 high-priority manhole rehabilitations


  • Flow monitoring
  • Comprehensive sewer condition assessment and field investigations, including manhole inspections, smoke testing, dyed water flooding, and CCTV review
  • Pre- and post-rehabilitation effectiveness monitoring
  • Sewer design—point repairs, replacement, trenchless rehabilitation, manhole rehabilitation
  • Capacity improvements—design
  • GIS mapping and data integration
  • On-site construction management
  • Maintenance staff training