Multi-Year Inspection Program Minimizes

Overflows, Rehabilitates System

Project Name
Sanitary Sewer Study
City of Joliet
Joliet, Illinois
Service Period
2014 - Ongoing
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The City of Joliet, the fourth largest city in the state of Illinois, owns and maintains a collection system composed of combined sewers and separate sewers of varying ages. To continue to provide high levels of service, the City enlisted RJN to develop a program to minimize basement backups and sanitary/combined sewer overflows, restore structural integrity, reduce inflow and infiltration, and update the City’s GIS.

Project Metrics

  • 188,000 LF of smoke testing
  • 1,170 manhole inspections
  • CCTV review of 184,000+ LF
  • Dyed water flooding at 27 sites
  • 480+ property inspections
  • 8 lift station draw down analyses
  • Combined sewer hydraulic model development, including 125,000 LF of 24-inch sewer, 8 CSO sites, 8 lift stations, and flow monitoring at 28 sites


  • Flow monitoring
  • Condition inspections
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Lift station assessment
  • I/i analysis
  • Rehabilitation design
  • Construction observation
  • GIS updates/asset inventory