Critical Infrastructure Investigations Help District Meet Consent Decree

Project Name
Critical Infrastructure Program
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
St. Louis, Missouri
Service Period
2012 - 2016
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Under the CSO/SSO program required under the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District CIP/Consent Decree, RJN is providing comprehensive sewer system investigation and support services. These services focus on collecting data as needed to support MSD planning efforts and have included: mapping updates/GIS support; sewer prioritization program assistance; CMOM program documentation and asset management support; condition field inspections; CCTV review; and Maximo system documentation.

Project Metrics

  • 1,578,000 LF of CCTV review

Mapping/GIS updates located:

  • 1,437 new or moved manholes
  • 2,638 new or moved storm sewer inlets
  • 353,500 LF (4,636 pipe segments) new or moved gravity main


  • Map updates and GIS support
  • Sewer prioritization assistance
  • CMOM program documentation and asset management support (Maximo)
  • Field investigations, including manhole inspections, smoke testing, and dye testing
  • CCTV video review/analysis
  • Rehabilitation recommendations