Ensuring reliable drinking water service and minimizing non-revenue water loss are key issues facing every water system owner and operator today.  

A steadfast supply of clean water to a community is essential to public health.  Knowing the true condition of water supply infrastructure assets minimizes the potential for failures, reduces costs related to emergency maintenance, and provides real, actionable information to facilitate sound capital planning, fee assessments and budgeting. Each RJN water condition assessment or design program is customized to produce the "right" services to provide actionable solutions from water system planning to construction.  


  • Condition Assessments
    • Water Loss Reduction
    • Leak Management Services
    • Non-Destructive In-Pipe Multi-Sensor Inspections
    • Electromagnetic Testing
    • Pressure Monitoring
    • Hydrant and Valve Exercising
  • Asset Management and Planning
    • Risk Analysis
    • Life Cycle Capital Planning
    • Maintenance Program Planning
  • Engineering Services
    • Transmission and Distribution Pipeline Design
    • Pump Station Design
  • Mapping and GIS Services
    • GPS Asset Inventory Surveys


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